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Reliable Investments For A Prosperous Future

A thriving passive income stream is waiting for you when you place your investments in reliable multifamily properties, with Skyrise as your trusted partner. Let the experts educate, advise, and propel you towards financial freedom and ultimate wealth.

Achieve Financial Freedom

Almost every adult dreams of having the passive income and financial freedom that becoming a landlord entails, however, the apprehension comes from all the uncertainty, stress, and hassle that go with it. We are here to help you fulfill your dream of investing in valuable, tax-advantaged real estate minus all the headaches.  Our proven strategies ensure all investments are easy, simple, and highest quality for our investors.

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About Skyrise Equity Group

Skyrise Equity Group is a fast-growing real estate investment and asset management firm that focuses on strategic pursuits of identifying, acquiring, and managing value-add multifamily assets with positive cash flow for immediate income and long-term wealth creation.

We invest in attractive assets that deliver superior risk-adjusted returns. Our comprehensive market research and analysis of long-term trends have led to the conclusion that multifamily assets produce the most profitable and recession-resistant investments.


Invest with Skyrise

Stop trading your precious time for money, instead, let your money work for you. When you invest with Skyrise Equity Group as your partner, we take the uncertainties, stressors, and risks out of the equation so you're left with simple, easy, and profitable investment options. 

Our research-based and strategy-led process allows us to find the most profitable, tax-advantaged properties that have the greatest potential for short-term income and long-term value appreciation and provide continuous passive income now and for years to come.

Azrieli Towers

Cash Flow

Take full advantage of ongoing cash flow generated by monthly rental income.

Equity Growth

Our investment strategies are designed to increase the value of your ownership interest while adjusting for inflation.

Lower Risk

Compared to other real estate assets, multifamily properties are more robust in terms of income and demand despite economic downturns.

Tax Benefits

Enjoy the advantages of depreciation and cost segregation write-offs on your taxes.


I have been investing in single-family real estate for decades but dealing with tenants has taken a toll on me. I wanted to diversify my portfolio and make passive income without having to constantly worry about my investments. I feel so fortunate to work with Skyrise Equity Group. I am now enjoying a consistent passive cash flow, thanks to Bastian, and his expert team, for their tireless efforts in looking for new opportunities and managing them effectively.

-Johnny F., happy investor


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